The many beneficial nutrients in a banana

Bananas are known to be of great benefit to the public. However, most people do not know the nutritional and nutritional roles that exist in bananas. Bananas contain nutrients and nutrients are very rich. Very much until the list of nutrients and nutrients was a pity if not we describe together the following. The results of the nutritional and nutritional content of the following bananas are found in 1 banana. The details are as follows. In the meantime, you can visit to check out a recommended supplement with banana as one of its ingredients.

Vitamin A content of 81 UI

Vitamin B6 content of 0.5 milligrams

The content of vitamin C as much as 9 milligrams

Potassium content of 450 milligrams

Potassium content of 400 milligrams

Magnesium content of 34 milligrams

Carbohydrate content of 23 grams

The protein content of 1 gram

The folate content of 25 microgram

The manganese content of 0.3 milligrams

The content of riboflavin/vitamin b12 is 0.1 milligrams

The content of niacin/vitamin b3 of 0.8 milligrams

The iron content of 0.3 milligrams

It contains fiber as much as 3 grams

Sodium content as much as 1 milligram