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Tips for applying foundation for the natural makeup

Natural beauty tips this time is to use the foundation. Foundation is very useful to smooth the skin color. Because sometimes, for those of you who often use the hijab or often exposed to sunlight, facial skin often looks streaky and uneven. In order for the results more natural apply the foundation by using a soft special brush. Meanwhile, you can visit https://www.luvostore.com.au/collections/hollywoodmakeupmirrors if you want to check out the best makeup mirrors online.

In order to make up does not look strange and the color is different from the skin on the neck, as much as possible apply the foundation of the color closest to the skin color or the skin of the neck. By choosing the right color, skin color will not be too much different from the skin color of the neck or another part of the body.

To get the right color, sometimes we have to combine 2-3 color foundation. The method is still you can do without worrying. In order to get the right color, you need a little practice to know the most appropriate dosage.