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Know these before you take a flight

For those of you who often use airplane services, it could be preflight instruction is repetitive and boring information. Whereas what is delivered is very important for passengers, such as the emergency exit door. If you do not know the location of the emergency exit, rest assured 100 percent you will be scattered when it must be self-evacuation because the plane shook. Therefore, from now on notice the location of the emergency exit, for the sake of your keselamatan keamanan penerbangan. Is it in front of or behind your seat? Then, estimate how many distance steps should be taken? So, you will not be confused anymore if the pilot instructs to be self-evacuation.

Next, do not forget to calm yourself. Before the plane made the flight, in fact, the airport has cooperated with the relevant sections in order to arrange travel routes. Obviously, with the help of accurate data, supportive factors such as weather, altitude, and others absolutely have a major impact on aviation.

These factors are natural, so the consistency is unpredictable. Do not be surprised if suddenly the sky becomes cloudy when the plane takes off. In fact, it’s actually sunny cloudless. This kind of thing is sometimes unexpected. Maybe if the incident is still at the airport flight hours can be delayed.

But if you are already on the clouds, how else? Therefore, you should stay calm in the seat and as little as possible to mobility. Do not forget to use a seat belt for extra protection. Especially if the plane is experiencing turbulence due to weather changes.