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Forums and guest postings for improving a blog’s traffic

Forums are also one of the most common ways I use to increase blog visitors. The reason is simple, because most forums that I meet, enable HTML feature or at least have activated BBCode. So we can easily lead them to our blog. Meanwhile, you can visit www.charles-brian.com/miami-seo/ if you’re looking for a fine SEO service for improving your blog’s visitors.

The trick is also simple, just make your post in one of the forums (remember always use the local language local forum) then at the end of the article insert anchor text that leads to your blog.

Guaranteed, if your post is in demand or a lot of reading, then it is certain your blog traffic will also go up.

How to Increase Blog Visitors via Guest Post

What the is guest posting? Generally, a guest post is a blog that allows us to donate articles to the blog, and in return, we will be given backlinks + visitors.

This post guest providers site must have a lot of visitors, so by submitting articles there, we will get ‘splashed’ visitors from the blog.