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How Can You Select the Wedding Venue in Newton

One of the most important things in preparing a wedding is a reception venue or venue, even more, if you already have a wedding date, it will be easier to get the right place. Of course, there are many challenges that occur when choosing a reception venue and there are some important things to note. Of all these things, the seven things below are most important and need to be considered together with the couple. The following are important points to underline before choosing Newton Hall Luxury Wedding Venue.


After making a list of wedding venue, you need to look back at the cost. Do not let the cost is more than the budget already made. Make sure also you know what has been obtained such as, electricity, decoration, food and beverage menu. Avoid forcing an expensive place and overstating the budget because it can disrupt other costs.


After knowing the theme and cost, you also need to know the capacity of the place. Moreover, if you want to hold a sitting dinner or dinner at the table, of course, it must be taken into account. Do not get because it is too small, can make the inconvenience of invited guests because they have to squeeze.


Another thing that should not be forgotten is the location of the event. You need to choose a wedding location that guests can easily access. If it is a bit difficult, you and your partner need to discuss the right solution. However, you must also beware that the location of the venue could contribute to the venue price range.

Parking facilities/valet service

It does not seem so important, but parking can be a problem for the guests in attendance. Alternatively, you can provide valet parking services, but you also need to ensure the safety and professionalism of the valet service.