Some factors that cause your AC becomes fully malfunction

There are several factors that cause the air conditioner to die totally, then later the AC becomes cold. The later of these factors can be our reference to fix it. However, before that, it would be nice if you read the article how to overcome the AC is not cold first. Aside from that, perhaps you need to visit to know one of the best AC repair services in Singapore.

Here are some factors that make suddenly the air conditioner totally dead:

The occurrence of Electricity Electricity

As we all know together, the AC will not flame if it does not get the flow of electricity. And in electric current, there are usually two wires (-) and cable (+), if both cables are interconnected will surely occur consulting. The cause may be in the rat bite, or from the age of the cable is too long.

Tekena High Voltage Voltage And Low Voltage

Voltage, in general, is 220 Volts, if the electrical voltage in your home more than 220 or less, this would be very bad for the continuity of electronic devices. One of them can cause the AC to die completely. In this context please call PLN handyman, to convey your electric voltage at your place more or less than 220 Voltage. The right advice should be to use a stabilizer.